Spring has Sprung!

Please take some time to clean out your loved one's winter clothes and bring in appropriate springtime clothing, including a light jacket or sweater. Springtime brings added sunshine and remember sunscreen is to be used when outdoors. Again, no over the counter medications, including allergy medicine, are allowed in our resident rooms.

Also, we would like to remind families to utilize of one the community rooms when visiting a loved one who has a companion room. Addtionally, please no over the counter medications are to be at bedside. All medications in the community require a physician's order and then they must be filled through our pharmacy. Thank you!

The Arbor Inn Partners with Macomb County Health Department in Emergency Preparedness Planning

As you may or may not be aware, The Arbor Inn has been coordinating efforts with Macomb County Health Department in Emergency Preparedness planning. Working together, a plan has been created in case of a public health event such as a chemical or biological attack like the release of aerosolized anthrax. Here at The Arbor Inn, our main focus is the care and well-being of all of our residents. In coordination with our planning efforts, we are also working on educating our staff on what to do if a public health event ever occurred. As a point of contact we would like to inform you of what would happen if we were ever in need of putting our plans into effect.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a stockpile of medications strategical...

Attention Families

Families, please take a moment and check your loved one's supply of personal items, such as Depends, shampoo, Kleenex, etc. While going through their drawers, please also check for salt and pepper shakers, extra sets of towels and/or washcloths, or silverware. If found, please bring to the front office.

Also, just a reminder that any medications, over the counter or prescribed, and wipes are not permissible in the resident rooms. Please remember to NOT flush wipes in our community as they plug our drains and cause flooding.

If your loved one is in a shared room, please be considerate when visiting and utilize one of our community rooms.


News You Can Use June 2018

For Your Information:

During the month of June, when weather permits, the parking lot will be repaved and resealed. Parking will be rerouted to the doctor's office next door. Please park in the back of their lot only. Please watch for signs throughout the community as we get closer to the construction date. Once the repaving and sealing is complete, please be mindful of using the side door for visiting the community whenever possible and understand that your shoes may have sealer and / or asphalt on the bottoms. Please wipe them carefully for your safety.

Nurses' Notes:

Families please remember to re-stock your loved one's incontinence products, oxygen supply and tubing, water filters, nebulizer tubing and CPAP equipment. It is recommend...