News You Can Use June 2018

For Your Information:

During the month of June, when weather permits, the parking lot will be repaved and resealed. Parking will be rerouted to the doctor's office next door. Please park in the back of their lot only. Please watch for signs throughout the community as we get closer to the construction date. Once the repaving and sealing is complete, please be mindful of using the side door for visiting the community whenever possible and understand that your shoes may have sealer and / or asphalt on the bottoms. Please wipe them carefully for your safety.

Nurses' Notes:

Families please remember to re-stock your loved one's incontinence products, oxygen supply and tubing, water filters, nebulizer tubing and CPAP equipment. It is recommended that unless your physician suggests water in the CPAP machine, do not add water. If you add water, it must be distilled water and changed daily, and the machine cleaned weekly. CPAP machines and nebulizers need upkeep and maintenance. The Wellness team will be happy to transport and store oxygen, and will clean filters on concentrators weekly.