2024 Accomodations

Our large rooms are attractively decorated and pre-furnished for your convenience. However, you are welcome to bring in some of your own items to create a more home-like atmosphere. You have a choice of private and semi-private rooms with private or shared baths. Please call for rates and information.

No Community Fee - One Month Fully Refundable Security Deposit

  • Semi-Private/Shared Bath
  • $2,435 
    Per Month
  • Semi-Private/Private Bath
  • $2,500
    Per Month
  • Private/Shared Bath
  • $3,515
    Per Month
  • Private/Private Bath
  • $3,580
    Per Month
  • Private/Private Bath/Patio
  • $3,640
    Per Month

Levels of Care

In order to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of our community, The Arbor Inn has determined three levels of care that apply to all residents. The Arbor Inn staff assesses all residents prior to admission in order to individually determine the necessary amount of care.

  • Level 1 Care
  • $0
    Per Day
  • Medication administration; Assistance showering or bathing. Description: At this level, the resident is continent of bladder (or is capable of total self-management of incontinence products). The resident requires little to no assistance of ADL’s. The resident is able to maintain good self-hygiene habits and can independently dress. The resident has no physical or mental disabilities that require regular monitoring.
  • Level 2 Care
  • $500
    Per Month
  • All services from Level 1 plus: Assistance dressing; escorts to and from meals/activities; moderate assistance with therapeutic stockings; medication which requires monitoring (insulin, Coumadin, etc.); moderate assistance due to physical or mental disability status Description: This level is for residents who require any additional services beyond Level 1. Residents on Level 2 generally require as few as one or as many as three of these additional services. Other reasons for a Level 2 can include a mental state that requires frequent monitoring or intervention by staff, or a physical disability that may constitute a fall risk.
  • Level 3 Care
  • $650
    Per Month
  • All services in Levels 1 and 2 plus: Blood sugar monitoring, assistance managing incontinence, extensive assistance due to physical or mental disability status, hourly checks. Description: This level is for residents who require frequent or extensive staff involvement. Blood sugar monitoring and/or incontinence management will almost always trigger a Level 3. Residents who require four or more additional services are generally considered a Level 3. Residents who are determined to be a high fall risk may also be considered for level 3.