News You Can Use October 2019

For Your Information:

Tranquility, calming or weighted blankets as they are known to be called have been proven to reduce restlessness and anxiety at night. Weighted blankets work by delivering a type of therapy called deep pressure touch stimulation. In one study, researchers found that 63 percent of individuals who slept with a weighted blanket felt less anxious. Please consider purchasing one for your loved one! They can be found on, and at Kohl's or Target.

To all of our Residents and Families:

Please remember that we are all here for a reason, and at times, accurate/true information becomes distorted and hearsay becomes the perceived truth. All of our residents and staff take part in the wellbeing of our whole community. Please remember that inaccurate information can be hurtful and disruptive to the whole community. Also, for any Resident and/or family member who has any questions or concerns about your loved one, the community, the leadership teams, or staff, we invite you to bring those concerns to the Administrator, Dion Sinning, or the Director of Healthcare Services, Roberta Saracino. Thank you very much!