The Arbor Inn Partners with Macomb County Health Department in Emergency Preparedness Planning

As you may or may not be aware, The Arbor Inn has been coordinating efforts with Macomb County Health Department in Emergency Preparedness planning. Working together, a plan has been created in case of a public health event such as a chemical or biological attack like the release of aerosolized anthrax. Here at The Arbor Inn, our main focus is the care and well-being of all of our residents. In coordination with our planning efforts, we are also working on educating our staff on what to do if a public health event ever occurred. As a point of contact we would like to inform you of what would happen if we were ever in need of putting our plans into effect.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a stockpile of medications strategically located throughout the country. If aerosolized anthrax were to occur, these medications would be sent to local health departments throughout the state of Michigan. These medications are used to protect a person from becoming infected from the biological agent. Although Macomb County Health Department will be responsbile for dispensing these medications to all county residents, The Arbor Inn in coordination with public health officaials, will dispense medications to our staff and their immediate household family members.

Along with our planning efforts, we will continue to educate our staff on what they can do to prepare themselves in the event of a public health emergency. We also strongly encourage that our families do the same.


The Arbor Inn Management Team