News You Can Use December 2019

Please remember - Everyone is here for a reason. We ask that you do not give anyone medcations, cigarettes, or lighters. Thank you in advance!

When you bring in new clothing from the holidays, please remember to label them with their names. Also, seniors tend to collect items in their rooms and drawers. Please be on the lookout for silverware, sugar packets, open and unsealed food or anything that may concern the safety of our residents.

It is cold and flu season. If you are ill, please consider visiting when you are feeling better. Also, remember good handwashing and covering your cough helps prevent the spread of germs.

Lastly, Christmas decorations are welcomed and appreciated in our resident rooms. However, please be mindful when decorating. The Arbor Inn requires battery operated lighting. Plug-in decorations of any type are not permitted as this can be a fire hazard. Thank you for your understanding. The safety of our Residents is our #1 priority!