Nurses' Notes June 2019

House Physicians:

Please be aware that if you have a house doctor, you are NOT seen each time they visit the community. If you ask to be placed on the doctor's list to be seen, please be specific as to WHY you are wanting to be seen. If you are out of the community or not easily located within the community, and no reason is logged as to why you are requesting to see the physician, please know that the doctor may not see you that day. Some physician groupls do visit our community very early in the morning, making it difficult for you to be seen after they have rounded for non-urgent matters. Thank you!

Please Read:

If your loved one starts smoking or resumes smoking, it is imperative that you inform the Wellness team as safe smoking practices are monitored for the safety of all at The Arbor Inn. Just a reminder- there is NO smoking allowed anywhere inside the building. Please use the designated smoking areas outside.

Despite numerous requests, there conintues to be over the counter (OTC) medications left in the rooms and nightstands by family members of our residents. These include sleep aids, cold medicines, cough drops, etc. Taking these types of medicines can create serious consequences and can cause harm to all of our residents. We ask that NO TYPE of over the counter supplements, medicine, vitamin, etc. be left at bedside or with your loved one at any time. Thank you for your help!