How to Become a Happier Person in the New Year

  • Put some pep in your step - Walking tall with swinging arms helps you feel more positive. Even if you're not feeling happy a spirited stroll can help you fake it until you make it!

  • Slap on a smile - When you smile like you mean it, you can change your brain's chemistry and feel happier.

  • Volunteer - Find ways to get involved in your community or help a friend in need. It can improve your mental helath and well-being.

  • Make new friends - Studies show the more connected you are, the happier you are. So be open to new relationships, whether it's someone you meet at the office, gym, church or park.

  • Break a sweat - It can take as little as 5 minutes for exercise to put you in a good mood. Regular exercise helps keep depression at bay.

  • Turn on some tunes - Pick your favorite music mix and get in the groove. You will get a real feel good vibe.

  • Tackle your goals - Ask yourself if they are realistic and within your reach or choose things that you can start to work towards.

  • Forgive and forget - Forgiveness frees you from negative thoughts and makes more room for inner peace.